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Allied (2016) Review

Allied (2016)

Brad Pitt’s french here is as convincing as his italian in Inglourious Basterds. Except it wasn’t supposed to be plausible there.

Allied is a romantic tale set in the backdrop of World War 2. Pitt plays Max Vatan, Wing Commander of the Royal Canadian Air Force. Cotillard is Marianne, a French Resistance fighter. After participating in an assassination in Casablanca, Max and Marrianne fall in love, decide to get married and live a settled life in London. Trouble brews when Marianne is suspected to be a German spy, leaving Max at a crossroads – trust his wife or confront the truth?

Zemeckis’ direction and Knight’s writing ensures this movie has a strong talent behind the screen. Brad and Marion make up the front so no complaints there either. This movie has it all, extravagant performances from the leads, a setting that provides some high stakes, quality production design (sometimes) and a complete, coherent script.

So why doesn’t it work?

The first impression you get after the movie ends is that of confusion. What is this supposed to be? The primary genre chosen for this motion picture is romantic-thriller. It works as neither. The chemistry between the leads is believable only due to their acting chops. But it’s as artificial as the green-screen shots of the deserts of Casablanca. The overabundant use of CGI gives it a run-of-the-mill flavour. A few sequences here and there give the impression of uplifting the movie from mediocrity but what connects them to each other is satisfactory at best.

Allied would’ve worked had it been grounded to reality and stripped off of all its melodrama. That, unfortunately, is what the movie’s main focus has been. A gross miscalculation then.

Rating : 2/5

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