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Collateral Beauty Review

Collateral Beauty

Even in terrible movies, Will Smith can shine.

Collateral Beauty is the story of Howard Inlet (Smith) who’s dealing with the death of his daughter. Generally morose, unsociable and, to the dismay of his friends and business partners, a real difficult person to work with. Hatching a scheme to paint Inlet as unfit to run the firm, his colleagues hire 3 actors to personify and play Death, Time and Love.

Granted the premise sounds a whole lot of sappy and ludicrous to begin with, there are some fine and nifty performances squeezed in there. Will Smith’s role is not as long as one would imagine, but he’s perfectly capable of doing his role justice. The majority of the film deals with the supporting cast and their own personal lives. This might give the movie some width and scope but instead takes focus away from the main storyline. Everyone’s satisfactory but wasted.

Its pointless getting into it. Non of that matters when the main premise is this flawed.

Allan Loeb is not a particularly accomplished writer, so it does not come as a surprise – The movie does not work at a fundamental level. When it aims to surprise, it gets predictable. When it aims to wonder, it induces an eye-roll. Whatever it aims to do, it is unable to. The pacing is a lot slower than required. The dialogue’s nothing extraordinary. When it gets preachy, its laughable.

Whole time I was thinking I’d rather watch Collateral. The one with Tom Cruise. Completely different and better.

Rating : 1/5

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