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Glass (2019) Review

Glass (2019)

The slow build-up, the unconventional camera angles, the brisk tempo, accompanied by the occasional bursts of brilliance – that’s how I recall the good ones. In my mind, that’s the Shyamalan template. Good or bad, there’s no dearth of quality film-making in M’s features. What sets them apart is that one moment. That one precise moment in the movie which makes you go – No, no, no, no, no! That’s what you decided to go with? Squandered opportunities. That’s what Glass is.

A sort-of conclusion to the surprise M. Night Shyamalan Universe, Glass is a gigantic misfire. A move which wasn’t even thought about when Unbreakable came out and an idea which was played around at the end of Split has finally materialized. Is it any good? Look at it this way – for every Marvel Cinematic Universe, there are a dozen Monsterverses.

The movie takes its sweet time to reintroduce you to your beloved (supposedly) heroes (supposedly). Locking them up together in a mental institution is probably not what you have in mind when you think about the penultimate clash of the titans, but that’s okay. The show is run by the condescending Dr Ellie Staple (Sarah Paulson), a psychiatrist attempting to provide a grounded view, an explanation to all of this superhero mania. We have a lot of fun with McAvoy who plays his parts (all 23 of them) to perfection. Willis doesn’t have or want much to work with. And Jackson’s Mr Glass… what should I say? Having a catatonic titular character for half the runtime is probably not the best idea in the history of ideas. Fortunately, your patience will be rewarded by the genius of the brittle-boned. The same cannot be said for whoever who penned the third act of this motion picture.

I miss the times when comic book references weren’t so hammy. The parallels did exist but in subtler ways. To sum it all up, expect a brilliant piece of work that goes nowhere substantial. When the time comes to pay off, you can expect the director to do what he’s infamous for – Shyamalaning it.

Rating: 2/5

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