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Hidden Figures Review

Hidden Figures

FORTRAN was used then to propel astronauts in space. It’s considered ancient now.

Technology’s crazy fast.

Hidden Figures tells the story of 3 African-American women who worked as “computers” for NASA during the space race. This movie has it all – racial segregation themes, family drama, characters displaying their mathematical prowess (they’ll most likely go over your head), some genuinely honest performances and a suspense-inducing finale. All of this results in a feel-good, uplifting movie celebrating the accomplishments of a once disfavored group of people.

Almost makes up for the lack of groundbreaking storytelling.

It might be just my wishful thinking, but true stories based on accomplished historic figures deserve a strong, powerful narrative. Hidden Figures keeps itself pretty straightforward. A simple storyline that’ll take you where you expect it to go. No surprises.

Granted, it doesn’t strictly need all that. The impressive performances of the lead actors will keep you hooked and engrossed. Its an adequate potrayal of true events. If that is all you expect, then that is all you get.

Rating : 3.5/5

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