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Justice League Review

Justice League

At least they got the red-caper likeable now. Sans the CGI shave they gave him.

They’ve lacked vision. Everything’s been a knee jerk reaction up until this point. It is noticeable in this flick too – the impatience. The desire to pump out as many CBMs as you can to have a piece of the pie. Why the rush? No, CBMs won’t go the way of Western because people get exhausted of them sooner or later. You know what people do get tired of? Bad films. Forgettable films. And when your releases warrant spending a lot of money to be experienced in the best possible theatre formats, you best take your sweet time working out the kinks.

Funny, they tried doing that here. Still didn’t succeed.

There’s a lot of reasons why Justice League doesn’t get, ironically, justice. The most prominent one is its lack of inventiveness. The entirety of the film is supposed to be carried solely on the reputation of these iconic characters. “Here’s Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman – our biggest guns. Look at them destroying the villainous evildoer’s army. How cool is that?” is whats on display here. Think no one’s seen this before?

To be fair, there’s also some sort of character development and story time given to assemble the pack of super-powered individuals. But continuing it on from just one previous movie which wasn’t big on development at all in the first place is a bit reaching. What they’ve managed to do successfully is, take 3 movies to make Clark Kent more Superman and less “Always-Frowning-Man”. Gal Gadot as Diana Prince was best depicted in her own movie. Here’s she front-lined but not much given to do. Ray Fisher’s Cyborg was developed neatly though more could be done. Miller’s Flash is the most humanized and fleshed out. Momoa’s Aquaman is an aquatic Superman and funny. Has some sort of conflict at home to be resolved later in his own movie as far as I can tell. And Ben Affleck’s Bruce Wayne is surprisingly vulnerable and fleshed-out to my delight. But the Batman’s uncool for now.

Honestly, its skippable. Or will be watchable in case they inevitably decide to release a proper extended cut because what we have here is the ‘Lite’ version. Potential for greatness, never achieved.

Rating: 2.5/5

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