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Kong: Skull Island Review

Kong: Skull Island

Don’t know why they even considered making this one. But I’m glad they did.

Kong: Skull Island is a total retelling of the classic mythical monster. The gigantic ape who was etched in history for climbing the Empire State building will not be doing any of that here. No, this is pure retooling. A reboot made for the purposes of building a franchise.

Oh great.

I got no disputes with franchises. Unless the initial instalments are dreadful because the bigwigs were interested in set-ups and money-baiting while completely skimping out on narrative and character development. Happened with Fantastic Four. Sort of what happens here.

What Kong doesn’t skimp out on is more than impressive visuals. The lavish use of slo-mo shots, the eye-pleasing cinematography, the stylised direction making you feel every bit of violence and suspense works in favour of this movie. You’re almost convinced this is a way better movie than it actually is. That’s when the second half of the movie drags you to reality.

It’s hard to put a finger on what happened there. Maybe the script went into total rewrite midway. Because character interactions and dialogue suddenly feel out-of-place. It takes you out of the movie so abruptly, you’d think you accidentally wandered in a different auditorium. Thankfully, the magnificent pyrotechnics and monsters are still there to keep you glued till the end.

Kong: Skull Island is a movie designated to set up Legendary’s MonsterVerse. It does its job of exciting the kid in you. The adult however, won’t be dazzled much.

Rating : 3/5

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