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Logan (2017) Review

Logan (2017)

2000 introduced the world to a competently made, multi-character sprinkled comic book movie. The original X Men. With time, this franchise has spawned sequels, prequels, spin-offs, reboots (sort-off) that no one can keep track with. Multiple heroes had multiple actors, save for one – Wolverine. Hugh Jackman has owned the role for 17 years and has fit in all iterations the X-Men universe demanded.

Sadly, this is his last time. And his best.

Logan, set in 2029 (Don’t bother keeping track of the timeline, there isn’t one) is quite different from the conventional CBM. Although when I say different, it’s just as comic-y as the rest. At the same time it isn’t.

What Logan does differently is entirely in its setting. The auburn, Coen Brothers inspired desert scenery is a welcome change of pace from the usual brash, over-the-top environment of a big-budgeted CBM. However, with this setup, there are some standards to keep. You must keep it restrained, down-to-earth, let the audience feel the tension and brutality on their own. Logan does it in the first half, loses it in the second. The movie is well-made, no doubt about it. What stops it from being even better is the obligation that this HAS to have the CBM aura around it.

Marvel Studios has experimented with their films by incorporating traces of other sub-genres in it. CA – The First Avenger with a war setting, Thor with a mythology one, GOTG with space-opera and Ant-Man with heist. Logan does the same with Western. No better, no worse. A fine film, definitely recommended at least once if you prefer your CBMs with violence and you don’t want to miss Jackman roar with fury and disembowel his adversaries.

Rating : 3.5/5

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