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Manchester By The Sea Review

Manchester by the Sea

Man, fireplaces sure can cause a lot of grief.

Manchester by the Sea is a story of Lee Chandler (Casey Affleck), who’s hit by the news of his brother’s death. Summoned to a small town “Manchester-by-the-Sea”, the movie unfolds what lies for him ahead. Asked to be a legal guardian to the son his brother left behind, Lee deals with everyday life in the quiet, freezing hamlet.

Affleck plays a quite a handful of a character. He’s morose. He’s tired. He has drunken bouts in bars with multiple men. Here’s a man who’s life is clearly not flourishing. The movie paints a picture of loss, grief and tragedy that is inflicted upon a happy family. One little lapse in judgement, one tiny detail that was missed can cause a misfortune that can plague someone for ages. Affleck depicts it, plays that part wonderfully.

The soundtrack induces a soft, soulful atmosphere in the movie. Everything comes together nicely. Its a movie well-shot, edited and well-made.

Rating : 4/5

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