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Moonlight (2016) Review

Moonlight (2016)

The bokeh effects in this movie are mesmerising.

Moonlight, tells the story of its protagonist Chiron, an African-American kid in Florida as he comes to terms with his identity and his sexuality from a young age. The movie progresses through his life in 3 phases – childhood, teenage and adulthood. We watch as he suffers in an abusive household. We watch as he suffers bullying for his sexuality. And at last, we see the end result.

Moonlight is a film made on an important subject matter, the persecution of homosexuality in everyday society. It handles it with great care, displays the effects of abuse with raw emotion. The performances of the characters on-screen will move you. It is an affecting movie. Very well-made. The cinematography, the setting, the dialogue complement each other perfectly.

However, none of that matters when your storyline is below par.

One of the biggest gripes I had with this movie, is the story. Or lack thereof. It can’t help but feel clich├ęd in parts. Majority of the movie is carried on by the performances of the cast but even they don’t stay with you by the time you are in the parking lot. There are many movies made on similar themes. This one joins them, doesn’t stand out.

Rating : 3/5


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