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Paddington 2 Review

Paddington 2

Indians don’t pronounce it “Puddington”. Neither do British-Indians. I think…

How do they do it? And why don’t they make every single motion picture this way? Imaginative, treading slightly on cliché but even then, not. Every scenario, every scene in this magical little kid’s movie has heart and dialog which doesn’t make you cringe to death every five seconds. I’m tempted to continue showering praises and tell you that the best thing in the world since sliced bread is this film’s screenplay. But lets not get ahead of ourselves…

Paddington 2, the sequel to 2014’s beloved Paddington, builds on top of the first film’s sweet foundations. Here’s a new adventure for our favorite Peruvian bear – find the perfect present for his aunt back home after being falsely accused of thievery. Earnest and ever so polite, Paddington’s helped on this quest by the Brown family members, each bringing something worthwhile to the table. While everyone’s performances are exemplary, especially Hugh Grant’s flamboyant vaudevillian and Brendan Gleeson’s stern cook, the entire thing is uplifted thanks to Paul King’s and Simon Barnaby’s imaginative brain cells. It’s very easy to drown a family friendly, aimed-for-kids routine in a pond of sappiness but just a little bit of creative thinking can work wonders.

There are only so many features which come together and gel as well as Paddington 2 does. It has the rare ability to unite film-goers from every demographic to cheer, cry and roar in laughter on cue. A true testament to quality film-making. A gem.

Except for that ridiculous finale. Splits between trains, gimme a break…

Rating: 4.5/5

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