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Patriots Day (2016) Review

Patriots Day (2016)

Present-day real life tragedies don’t get better treatment on-screen than Berg and Wahlberg.

Patriots Day depicts the terrorist bombing during the 2013 Boston Marathon. The lives of a chosen few characters is illustrated before, during and after the bombing and the subsequent shootings. Main focus is on police sergeant Tommy Saunders (Wahlberg) who’s in the middle and centre of the whole catastrophe.

There’s not much to say about this movie, it provides a fair account of the events. Pretty well-directed, compelling cinematography and dialogue, solid acting from everyone involved etcetera etcetera. Special mentions to Alex Wolff and Themo Melikidze for playing the Tsarnaev brothers. Effective performance, guaranteed to make your skin crawl with hatred.

Like Deepwater Horizon, Patriots Day is a tale of survival of the human spirit which breaks no new ground in the dramatic storytelling, but deserves a watch just because it’s that well made.

Short review, I know.

Rating : 3/5

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