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Rampage (2018) Review

Rampage (2018)

Did someone tell The Rock to repeat the same two gestures time after time? I can’t bear looking at him do the sign language.

I admire Dwayne Johnson. He’s charismatic and hardworking. He makes every male wish they were him. But I don’t think I’ve ever seen a genuinely moving performance out of him. Maybe it is not his cup of tea, so he doesn’t even try. Rampage involves a great many scenes where Johnson’s Davis, a primatologist, has to get the albino ape to calm down. There’s some backstory chatter between the two leads which is as creative as chalk. You will find yourself groaning about the lack of action in these segments because you, the viewer, can’t empathize with the subpar character development and storyline progression. Making a long story short – stop droning about, write better lines and level a city block already!

Rampage is one of those flicks you forget about in a beat. Take an established gigantic monster premise, alter some details, slap a ton of VFX and it’ll make money. People just can’t get enough of disaster films. The problem arises after, just like a night full of binge drinking. Its fun, but you wake up in the morning with a splitting headache.

They probably rented Jeffrey Dean Morgan from the set of Walking Dead. Does he always act like that?

A dumb, loud action flick without heart, competent writing or any memorable performances. Pick your poison.

Rating: 2/5

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