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Sing (2016) Review

Sing (2016)

Anthropomorphic animals – The cornerstone of any successful animated movie.

What if you want to tell a story about human lives, but without involving any humans on-screen? Get animated animals to tell them. Worked for Zootopia, didn’t it?

Sing, however, plays it safe. It doesn’t explore any of the subtle racial themes that Zootopia had going for itself. Sing churns out a by-the-numbers tale about a koala named Buster Moon (Matthew McConaughey), the owner of a derelict theatre who organises a singing contest to generate interest in his rather waning theatre and to keep the banks at bay. A small, avoidable clerical error causes a big surge of interest in singing, which warrants the entry of a ragtag bunch of colourful characters.

We have a housewife pig, a gangster-cum-street-musician mouse, a mobster gorilla, a punk rock practising porcupine, a shy elephant and some other singers. Right there is the first problem with this movie – too many characters.

Granted this movie does a somewhat decent job of balancing them and their back stories, you can’t help but notice the story swaying from size to side. Credit where it’s due, some of them are interesting at times. But all of them are derivative.

Sing makes up for a fine, one time watch. You won’t be blown away by its brilliance but it’ll keep you entertained and humming…

Rating : 3/5

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