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Spider-Man: Homecoming Review

Spider-Man: Homecoming

3rd character iteration. 1st movie. Great.

Most adults today grew up with Tobey Maguire donning the spandex of the web-slinging wall crawler. They sighed in disbelief when Garfield was asked to go through the motions again in 2012. Since that did not work out so well, we get yet another kid having a go at the iconic character – Tom Holland, the youngest Peter Parker we’ve ever seen on-screen. Still in high school, still going through puberty. So what’s new this time?

For starters, Iron Man’s here, reminding us all it comes under the unstoppable MCU canon.

The main focus here is to depict Parker’s life – how he balances life at school and at home, how he desperately desires to be a member of Marvel’s Justice League, how his amateur approach of capturing thugs affects everyone else and lastly, how difficult it is asking his love-interest to prom. Sounds by-the-numbers. It isn’t. Here’s where the writing and direction come together to show us something distinctive, giving the movie its own legs to stand on. The briskly paced story has a plethora of action sequences, witty dialog, humour, heart and easter eggs. Its tying up to the rest of the franchise while surprising being un-annoying about it. Holland is perfectly suited, living up to the mantle. Uncle Stark being the secondary character, stays that way giving Spidey the occasional push, getting him out of sticky spots. Happy Hogan has the longer role, arguably the best Jon Favreau’s ever performed in the MCU.

Breaking Marvel’s tradition of having so-so evildoers, Vulture might take the cake for the best MCU antagonist since Loki. You find yourself looking forward to his screen-presence, fuelled by Keaton’s outlandish and capable performance. Here’s a bad guy whose motivations are clearly established as soon as the movie begins. Even his henchmen are fleshed out, helping viewers tell them apart. Decent character writing all around. Props to that.

Complaint? The unceremonious final battle. That’s it.

Homecoming is one of those flicks where you know exactly what to expect (partly due to the fact that the studio released countless clips preceding wide release) but still manages to exceed expectations. It’s a soundly made entertaining film for long-term fans and newcomers alike.

Rating : 3.75/5

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