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  • Venom Review

    Venom Review

    In case you ever thought that making profitable franchises in this day and age is a piece of cake, think again. You may be one of the most experienced media powerhouses in the world, producing content for a broad spectrum from video games to movies, and yet you can still fumble around with safe bets. […]

  • Justice League Review

    Justice League Review

    At least they got the red-caper likeable now. Sans the CGI shave they gave him. They’ve lacked vision. Everything’s been a knee jerk reaction up until this point. It is noticeable in this flick too – the impatience. The desire to pump out as many CBMs as you can to have a piece of the […]

  • Spider-Man: Homecoming Review

    Spider-Man: Homecoming Review

    3rd character iteration. 1st movie. Great. Most adults today grew up with Tobey Maguire donning the spandex of the web-slinging wall crawler. They sighed in disbelief when Garfield was asked to go through the motions again in 2012. Since that did not work out so well, we get yet another kid having a go at […]