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  • Top Gear Review

    Top Gear

    350 million viewers a year? That’s probably an underestimation… Never thought I’d watch a car show where I’d care less about all the exotic Ferraris and Paganis and more about the people who drive them. Top Gear has never been about just the cars. The trio – consisting of Jeremy “The Orang-utan” Clarkson, Richard “Hamster” […]

  • Marvel’s Iron Fist (Season 1) Review

    Marvel's Iron Fist (Season 1)

    Oh how I’ve dreaded doing this. Marvel’s Iron Fist was the one show I’ve been anxious to see since Luke Cage graced my laptop screen. While I was not such a huge fan of LC, I found it watchable and well-made. I’d place it third on my Marvel-Netflix shows list, first being Jessica Jones and second […]