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The Boss Baby Review

The Boss Baby (2016)

And too many baby butts.

The Boss Baby is quite a strange animated movie. Part fantasy, it revolves around Tim Templeton who’s living his dream childhood happily. Shattered by the arrival of the Boss Baby (Alec Baldwin), Tim finds his parent’s love and attention gone. His life turns topsy-turvy when the baby turns out to have other plans.

The premise of this movie is quite outlandish, even for an animated movie. Takes a while for the suspension of disbelief to set in, but once you get beyond that, there’s humour and fun. The fast-paced storyline and 3D effects are effective and hilarious. Voice acting is on point. Everything that occurs on-screen seems to have come from a very productive meeting that must’ve happened in the writer’s room. The various sketches are creative. There’s no dearth of imagination here.

Except for the plot.

The plot is uninspired – There’s a mission. There’s two characters who initially hate each other. Realise halfway they need each other. Meet the big bad guy. Save the day. The end. As the film begins reaching the climax, its pretty much becomes predictive.

The zany visuals do make up for the uninspired narrative, but it’s not sufficient to classify this film as classic. Makes up for a nice one time watch if you fancy constant toilet humour, else there’s not much it has going for it.

Rating : 2/5


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