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The Founder (2016) Review

The Founder (2016)

Boy, if this film doesn’t give you a craving for a McDonald’s hamburger… And I’ve never even eaten one before.

The Founder, based on true events, is the story of Ray Kroc’s journey from a travelling salesman selling milkshake machines for a living to being the founder of The McDonald’s Corporation. It chronicles the events of Kroc meeting the McDonald brothers, the franchising of their restaurant and the subsequent falling out.

Purely from a technical standpoint, this is exceptional film-making. There’s just so much to love –

  • The production design is what catches your eye from the first scene. The now-vintage cars, the old-fashioned drive-in restaurant architecture and even the typography on the McDonald’s restaurants – all transfers you back to an era gone by.
  • The surprising amount of humour in this movie. The exchanges between Kroc and the brothers, while hostile in between conversations, still manages to tickle your funny bones at the most inappropriate times. Kudos to the writers and to Michael Keaton for showcasing a charismatic yet ruthless personality. Nick Offerman and John Carroll Lynch are suitably casted for the brothers roles.
  • Expositions and back-stories are plentiful in this picture. However these segments are astutely written, fast-paced and so well-directed, you allow yourself to pay attention to the slow-moving segments. That is what this movie does best – accelerates the pace when required and slows itself down before it goes overboard. Well-balanced and their editing game is on-point.

There are, however, a few areas where this movie doesn’t quite measure up – the drama in Kroc’s household is up and finished before you know it. Patrick Wilson as Rollie Smith is wasted due to the small length of his role. The chemistry between Keaton and Cardellini’s characters is ineffective, practically non-existent.

Barring these few complaints The Founder, a thematically similar adaptation to The Social Network, is a well-written, well-directed and a well-acted piece of work.

Just like The Social Network then.

Rating : 4/5

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