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Transformers : The Last Knight Review

Transformers: The Last Knight

Take whatever expectations you have. And lower them still.

Transformers : The Last Knight, clocking in at $217 million is the costliest project of the Transformers film series : A franchise which has become THE epitome of big, dumb blockbusters and for good reason too – there’s not exactly a shortage of explosions and change in aspect ratios here. You’d think they stop at some point after the first one, but no. Who wants to say no to all that money?

Story is of little priority here. Some event occurred in the past which is why there is yet another war between a group of giant robots and another group of giant robots. Rewriting history and inducing their own mythology in our world is just one way the audience is expected to swallow the ridiculous premise of these flicks. The other way is dank cars. Futuristic, fresh-outta-factory wheels which would, in no imaginable scenario, be that spotless and dent-free in the midst of a carnage. But hey, you are not visiting the theatre to catch a lauded masterpiece are you? Its summer for crying out loud. Come back in January for quality.

To be fair, a movie like this needs and has a crowd. It takes a lot of effort to create that fancy computer generated imagery. So props to the people behind the scenes, working in front of monitors day in day out. Your hard work is greatly appreciated and visually titillating on an IMAX screen. Thank you, sound editors and mixers for making the seats shake every time it goes boom. Everyone else – step up your game. Come up with better lines. Have a sense of flow. Write a script. How do you waste a talent like Anthony Hopkins? How did you even get him here?

Summer blockbusters are aplenty. Loads others deserve your money. This one? Nope.

Rating : 1/5

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