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Venom Review


In case you ever thought that making profitable franchises in this day and age is a piece of cake, think again. You may be one of the most experienced media powerhouses in the world, producing content for a broad spectrum from video games to movies, and yet you can still fumble around with safe bets.

But what do I know, maybe franchising is hard.

Which brings us to Venom, the latest attempt by Big Movie to procure a steady income stream. Its got no heart. It lacks sincerity. And it is over before it starts. To be clear, I’m not miffed about the cut footage. The slightly-less-than-two-hours runtime is enough to accomplish plenty. With the right direction, script-tightening and rewriting, the end result could’ve worked wonders.

Which is frustrating because it’s not all disastrous, some redeeming qualities exist to prevent the utter trainwreck it was poised to be. Tom Hardy is so good with the twitchy and jumpy mannerisms that he makes you forget about the menacing masked boulder part he played in another franchise ages ago. Venom – the extraterrestrial CGI playdough has a personality that surpasses the rest of the one-dimensional cast. The disservice done to the other accomplished members is criminal. Michelle Williams is reduced to the disinteresting love interest. Riz Ahmed is an evil and campy Musk.

You’re better off watching individual action clips on the interwebs rather than look at the big picture. Venom is a movie which manages to please in parts and only at the surface level. There’s nothing beneath.

Rating: 2.5/5

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